Commenting Rules

The purpose of Pleasantly Fat is threefold and pretty straightforward:

-To detail my journey towards body love and acceptance as a fat woman, in the hope of inspiring others;

– To speak out against all forms of size-related bigotry and prejudice, as it affects both fat and thin people; and

– To create a size-positive community, where people of all body types can go to feel supported, uplifted and generally fabulous.

The above shall also be accompanied with a bit of rambling about crafts, recipes and fashion! And pics. 🙂

In short, I want this to be a positive space. However, in order for this to keep on being a positive space, there are, in the words of The Genie from “Aladdin”, a few provisos and a couple of quid pro quos. I feel like a bit of a dictator making “rules”  and whatnot – but, as we know, anything related to weight and health is a touchy topic, things can get heated and, let’s face it, there’s a lot of jerks out there. So, this is more for my protection than anything else – and the protection of those who come to this blog seeking solace from said jerks.

The rules are as follows:

1) Yes, I am blogging as a fat woman, and there is the word “fat” in my blog name. But, this is a space where people of all sizes are welcome- thin, fat and everything in between. Cos, well, it’s entirely possible to be slim and still struggle with body image. No-one is really immune to body policing bullshit these days. So, if you’re thin, and want to follow this blog, don’t be scared off. 🙂

2) Body-snarking, in any form, will not be tolerated. That ranges from any fat-shaming rhetoric, to shit like, “you skinny bitch” and “go eat a fucking steak.” They’re as bad as each other, and I don’t want that kind of talk in my space.

3) On that note, I will also not be putting up with any comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist or are in any way discriminatory in nature.

4) Anyone who uses body-shaming or discriminatory language on my blog will receive ONE warning, and will then be blocked from this site if they continue to do so.

5) If you disagree with anything I post on this blog, you can contact me privately, or leave a comment. However, I will not engage with anyone who becomes abusive or, as above, uses body-shaming language when conversing with me.

6) If you disagree with another commenter on this site, feel free to debate with that person. However, respect for your fellow humans is sexy. Should commenters resort to personal attacks, insults, or name-calling, I will intervene. We’re not high school any more, simple as that.

7) Any prosthelytising of diet programmes or weight loss products is not permitted here.

8) If you wish to share any articles on sizeism or body shaming, you can contact me privately. But, if I do not address the issue on my blog, it doesn’t mean I don’t care. Sometimes, I won’t have time to do all the posts I want to do, other times the article will be triggering for me, and I won’t want to deal with it.

9) Be patient with me. I’m not quite “there” yet in terms of loving and accepting my body. As I said on the My Story page, I still have my down days. I’m still new to this thang, but I’m trying. So, bear with me!

10) Some people may be tempted to send me hate mail. But, if you do, I will not engage with it. It’ll be skimmed, laughed at (hopefully), then deleted. Nice try, though.

Also, this is not a rule as such…but be aware that I won’t be blogging under my full name. I have to be careful because, as a journalist, I can’t really be affiliated with any political movements (at least not publicly), and Size Acceptance can be very political. So, on account of neutrality and all that shizz, I have to be discrete. So, on this blog, I’ll be known as either Ezza or Honey Bunny.

Thanks, loves. 🙂


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